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North Will Benefit More From Obi Presidency

north will benefit more from obi presidency
north will benefit more from obi presidency
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Statesman and nationalist, Sen Annie Okonkwo has said northerners will benefit more than others in a Peter Obi presidency because of his honesty of purpose and antecedents.

According to a statement by Okonkwo’s media adviser, Collins Steve Ugwu, the former lawmaker, recalled the public commitment of Obi, to make the north the pride of Nigeria’s center for food production and agrarian industries, as his prime policy to tackle insecurity, and savage criminalities everywhere, through modern agriculture.

He said “It will be deeply regrettable if our desperate search for transformational leadership, is again allowed to be kidnapped by emotions of ethnic and religious discuss, then marshall plans for rescue and revival, at this time of grave national perils”,

Okonkwo, who spoke as chairman of eminent diaspora dinner for Peter Obi and his strategists in Los Angeles, USA, during his recent cross-continental engagements, maintained that the clarity of Obi’s political mission is obvious by its simplicity and common sense value, without any pretense to being rocket science.

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He wondered, how can the dimensions of possibilities embedded in the Northern belt, elude the minimum facility of those who have ruled this country to ruin scandalously, yet their prime enablers who recruited them in the first place, still drum their entitlements as the next Aso Rock goalkeepers, instead of repentant town criers, if not for pure corruption insanity.

According to him,  this is why the message must be louder since this evil dynasty is never penitent, the citizens should just serve them in the penitentiary.

He said “ the good side is that hope is here because an empowered North will redeem Nigeria from hunger and starvation,  poverty and penury.

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“Agriculture will generate employment that will bring security and expand decent livelihoods. Secondly, from the blessings of those vast arable lands, will come the silver bullet for our quicker economic recovery far greater than oil and gas in the South.

“ I am very happy, Peter Obi has marked it down as first-line policy action of his administration, and believe our prolific Prof. Pat Utomi completely,  who revealed to me, that Northern Nigeria can indeed feed West Africa, and remain our continental food security depot, agro-tourism destination of choice and much more.

Summarizing his remarks, Okonkwo urged the entire diaspora community to keep faith with their convictions to energise the formidable “Obi-Datti Movement” at home to accomplish the “Take back Nigeria for Nigerians” because their verified experience, character, integrity, energy, and passion are the best to retire the rest.

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“I, therefore, the state with responsibility and civic obligation that now is our God-inspired opportunity to break the yoke of corruption and senile leadership afflictions in Nigeria, very deservedly. It won’t be easy, but a historic cause we will proudly labor for, and win for our prosperity and posterity.

He concluded by warning those hoping to win by rigging to perish the thoughts advisedly because everybody will be compelled by our improved electoral laws to play by the rules or dare severe consequences.

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